Terms & Conditions

1. Registration is a prerequisite for full use of all site services. Free registration.

1.1 Data of registered clients is confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties, except at the official request of law enforcement agencies.

2. The presence of credits on the user's account is a prerequisite for ordering any site service; accounts with a zero balance can be disabled at the discretion of the administrator unilaterally.

2.1 Payments are credited the same day or the next day; if the payment is not received within 48 hours, it will not be credited.

  (Please write a letter IMMEDIATELY after payment and not after a week, month, year, etc.)

3. Credits on the user’s account are stored indefinitely, in full and can be used by the user at any time to order any service on the site. No interest or other expenses are charged for storing funds.

4. All order payments are made only in credits 1 credit = 1 US dollar

5. When ordering any service, you are fully aware of what you are ordering, why and how you need to use the result obtained. You perform all actions with the order results received on the site at your full responsibility.

6. Order fulfillment times are approximate and in case of delay of orders, the order will be canceled only after agreement with the site support service.

7. Before ordering any of the site’s services, the client must be aware that the service he has chosen is really needed for him and if results are obtained, credits for completed orders cannot be returned and the order cannot be cancelled.

8. We do not guarantee to fully unlock the phone using our service because in some cases, if the phone has already been tried and its meter variable is locked, the code we provide will not work and we do not offer refunds as credits are paid in advance to the service provider. therefore, please ensure that these criteria are not violated before purchasing or using our services.

9. Site language English, customer support is provided in English and Russian

10. Any changes on the site (Rules, information, descriptions, terms, prices, conditions, etc.) come into force from the moment they are published on the site and in the Telegram channel https://t.me/offlock

11. In a controversial situation, the Administration may require from the user a receipt in electronic form of a payment document or a screenshot of an electronic wallet to confirm the fact of transfer of funds, just as any user, if the payment is not credited to his balance, may request and receive a statement or screenshot of any payment transaction systems used by our site.

12. Not all IMEI and corresponding codes or other information are available in the databases of providers or manufacturers at the time of order. But the database is constantly replenished and you always have the opportunity to repeat the order later. If it is impossible to fulfill an order for any service, funds are automatically returned to the balance, with detailed notification to the user of the reason for the refusal.

13. You must be aware that blocking and unlocking of devices of some brands (Apple, Samsung, LG and some others) is carried out in the server databases of these brands and/or device blocking operators, and not locally in the software of the device itself. For such devices, there is always some probability of re-blocking (relock) in the database of the manufacturer and/or operator, due to technical failures of the databases or for some other reason (statement of the former owner about loss, theft, and other reasons). Our server cannot bear and does not bear any responsibility in such cases. Including, refunds of funds previously paid for successful unlocking are not made.

14. All required fields on the order form must be filled out accurately and clearly. An error in any symbol or incorrect selection of a position from the drop-down list may lead to the fact that the resulting order result will not suit you; in this case, a refund is not possible. For an erroneously placed order (order to unlock an already unlocked device, simultaneous order of unlocking on 2 or more sites, independent unlocking while the order is being processed by our website, etc.), a refund is also impossible. If you find an error after ordering, immediately notify the server administrator on duty via the Personal Message system; in most cases, the error can be corrected.

Refund policy

1. You agree that after a successful payment, you will not file any disputes or claims with payment aggregators.

2. Refunds for orders are made only to the details from which payment was received (bank card or e-wallet)

3. If the service is provided poorly or not in full, the funds are returned to the bank card from which the payment was received.

4. Suspicious or fraudulent activity may result in your account being suspended.

5. Refunds are possible upon the user’s request to the support service via contacts: https://t.me/offlock_support

6. We are not responsible for the commission of payment aggregators, but we notify the user about possible commissions when withdrawing funds from the site account.